Hostetler Masonry

Fireplace Remodeling & Stone Fireplaces

Don’t like your fireplace? It just needs a facelift.

We see it happen all the time: you’ve found your dream home. Sure, the carpet needs replaced and maybe the wallpaper in the kitchen just has to go – but what about that ugly fireplace? You want the fireplace, of course. You’re already thinking of cozy winter nights with it crackling in the background, warming the room. But does it have to be so… blah? Maybe it’s not so bad – or maybe you could completely reface it to match the rest of the vision you have for your home.

We can do that, and we’ve done it for countless clients.

Not only will we work cleanly – placing dropcloths on the floor to ensure your carpet or flooring is protected – but we’ll work quickly to reface your ugly fireplace into something you truly love. Check out an example of how we can help you:

  • Before-Fireplace Refacing
    After-Fireplace Refacing
    Before Fireplace Refacing After