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Brick and Stone Column Rebuilding & Restoration

Brick and Stone Column Rebuilding & Restoration

Especially in older houses, brick and stone columns are part of the foundational support of a house and quite often are load-bearing. So what do you do when the years have worn on your brick or stone columns, creating a sagging appearance or diminishing the structural integrity of a balcony or overhang? You call Jon Hostetler, who can give you a fair estimate right away. Beginning work you can trust.

Can my brick and stone columns be saved?

It depends. You could repair eroding brick by patching over the old mortar, this process is called tuck pointing, but it is not a long-term solution for eroding brick columns. When you remove the eroding mortar to the clean surface of the brick, you provide a better surface for the mortar to bond to. The loose mortar would be removed by using a saw with a diamond blade and digging out the crumbling sections. Lastly, old mortar will draw water out of the new mortar, which can weaken it. By soaking the brick and the joints, you ensure the new mortar adheres and sets properly.

Check out some of our brick and stone column rebuilding & restoration below:

  • Before-Stone Column Repair & Build
    After-Stone Column Repair & Build
    Before Stone Column Repair & Build After
  • Before-Brick Post Build
    After-Brick Post Build
    Before Brick Post Build After