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Brick & Stone Step Rebuilding and Restoration

Crumbling Steps & Walkways – Let Hostetler Masonry Help

Your unsightly, sagging, crumbling steps and walkways can be repaired – but only by an experienced mason who knows what they’re doing. Only an experienced mason can restore steps and walkways in a way that will last. Some repair options are:

  • Composite Patching – Replacing the areas of deterioration with a specially formulated repair mortar that closely matches the color, texture, and physical characteristics of the host masonry.

  • Remove and Replace – Removing the entire masonry unit, then replacing it with new masonry.

  • New Veneer – Removing the entire exposed face of the masonry to a predetermined depth, then replacing it with new masonry.

  • Retooling – Reshaping the masonry unit where it sits without removing any part of it.

Choosing the best method to repair deteriorated masonry is a critical decision that should be done by a trained, experienced, and competent professional. This will give you peace of mind that the repaired masonry will not only look good, but it will also endure the test of time.

We’re Experts in Our Field

As a third-generation mason, let Jon Hostetler assess your home’s steps and walkways and provide you with an estimate that can restore and rebuild your crumbling masonry – and check out some of our past projects below:

  • Before-Steps & Walkways
    After-Steps & Walkways
    Before Steps & Walkways After
  • Before-More Steps & Walkways
    After-More Steps & Walkways
    Before More Steps & Walkways After
  • Before-Flower Bed/Planter
    After-Flower Bed/Planter
    Before Flower Bed/Planter After